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Rustam Samad
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Who can use this feature?

By default only Admin/Owners and Agents can access the Customers section. Other members must ask their Admin/Owner to assign them one of the above mentioned roles in order to see the Customers section. 

Customers Dashboard; 

Customers are stored in the Customers section of your account forever until you delete them. Each customer that reaches out to contact via WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Website or Instagram will be recorded and stored as a customer and appear under "Customers" on our platform for all time!


When a new customer is added to your company and they become visible on the Customers section, you will receive an alert in both the left-slide bar next to Customers as well at the main dashboard.

Search & Filters;

With the power of multi search filters and features, you can find specific or group of customers at once. You may use names; First name/Last initial - Email address- Phone number in order to make your searches even more efficient! Also you can filter them by date of creation by selecting the date range from the next to the search box.


Tags are another great way to filter and find customers from the main Customer dashboard. Please take into account that Tags can be created only by Admin/Owners of the workspace from the Settings -> Tags menu. There are two ways of attaching Tag to specific customer; 

  1. During the Live Chat session from the left sidebar of the window under the profile of the customer.
  2. From the Customer Profile by clicking on the Add Tag button from the left side window next to the navigation bar.

Customer Profile; 

Customer profile is the section designed to describe the information of each customer in detail. From Customer profile you can review such informations like; 

  • Contact details of the customer such as Phone number, Email address, Shipping Address (if any), Time Zone. These details can be Edited by Admin/Agent by clicking the Edit button next to the name of the customer
  • Agent’s name who last contacted the customer from Live Chat. If Customer didn’t request Live Chat support and just interacted with chatbot then this section will be empty. 
  • Tags. All tags attached to customers will be shown on the left window. Admin/Owners and Agents are to add or edit attached tags by clicking on the Add/Edit button next to the Tags. 
  • Notes. Notes is a great way to keep the whole team up to date about customer’s specific requests or other additional information. Notes can be added by Admin/Owners and Agents to customers from Customer profile section or from Live Chat active session during the conversation with customer. 

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