"It's all about the reach with these new messaging apps"

Bankoff has harnessed the power of messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram to offer financial services with a cost-effective scale. They have created their own business model on top Botbox Pro which allows them for easy scaling as well!

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I am delighted to partner with Botbox by using their inclusive digital conversational solutions. After working together for about one year now and having achieved some great results already- besides those impressive numbers alone!-I would like focus on how creative the entire team at Botbox has been when it comes down creating these bots that can actually talk back!

Rashad Nazarli
COO @CIB Fintech

“Botbox offers a simple, easy-to use interface with tons of customizable options and automation. The simplicity makes it possible for the bank to engage more happy customers 7 days per week 24 hours every day!”

Naila Mammadzade
Head of CS @AFB Bank

“Botbox's WhatsApp chatbot turnkey solution for the insurance industry helped us to save thousands on development."

Jenny Wilson
Marketing Executiv @Allianz Insurance

“We are always available to our customers through messaging apps and we find that they like the fast response time. With Botbox, it's easy for us!”

Darya Yilmaz
CS representative @Bankoff

“Working with Botbox has been an absolute pleasure. I love how quickly you adjust to new needs and changes, as well as your team's ability for teamwork! What really impressed me about this project though was just how much effort goes into making every customer feel valued - it made all the difference in leading them through their journey successfully”

Leyla Seyidzadeh
Head of Exploration @UNDP

“We are able to automate sales over most messaging apps by just spending 100$ a month. Plus, we're available any time of the day and our customers love it”

Javid Kuliyev
COO @ShirinSu
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