Teammate Conversations

Teammate conversations are a great way to connect with anybody in your workspace directly and privately
Rustam Samad
3 min to read
Who can use this feature?

All members are able to use this feature and start conversation 

How to start a conversation with teammate;  

Any member of your workspace can start conversations with teammates by clicking the + icon next to the Teammates section from the left main navigation menu. 

Find/Add a teammate;

After clicking the + button you’ll be able to search for your teammate by entering their First or Last names from the search box. 

You’ll also be able to see the full list of teammates within your workspace by scrolling down the list. 

If you are not able to find a teammate it means they still have not joined a Botbox Pro platform. To invite and add them to your workspace go to Settings - then choose Manage Users and then click on New Teammate button on the middle right side of the screen.

You’ll be required to enter your teammate First and Last name as well as their email address. If you are an admin/owner of your workspace you can choose a role for a new teammate accordingly. 

After an invitation your teammate will receive an email with instructions to set a password and activate an account.

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