Botbox lets you capture leads across all channels 24/7 with the help of chatbots
Rustam Samad
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Who can use this feature?

By default, only Admin/Owner and Agents are able to see captured leads across all channels and respond to them. 


When a new lead is captured by chatbots they are appearing as a notification on the left navigation bar. Admin & Agents will also receive email notification for received and missed (unread) leads on the next day. 

Active/Completed leads; 

There are two groups of Leads - Active and Completed. By default only Active Leads are shown on Leads Dashboard. To view Completed Leads click Completed from the tab on the top center. 

Both Active and Completed leads show the following information; 

  • Name of Customer 
  • Phone, WhatsApp or Telegram number of Customer
  • Channel where Lead have been captured 
  • Message, Media and any other details that chatbot requested from the customer while capturing the lead. 
  • Type of product, service or offer. It helps to categorize the Leads by type. This types can be added to chatbot flows with Botbox Smart Builder
  • Date and Time of received Lead 
  • Last seen by information. It helps to follow up the Lead with the right person within the organization. 

Chat Now;

Admin/Owners and Agents are able to contact customers who sent Lead from the channel that Lead has been received. To reach the customer and start a new Live Chat session click on the Chat Now button on the left sidebar next to the customer’s name. 

You’ll not be charged for initiating a conversation with the Chat Now button if the conversation starts during the 24 hours after Lead received.

If conversation with a customer starts during a 24 hours you’ll not be charged for starting a conversation. 

If 24 hours passed we’ll need to send a one time standard template to the customer to allow you to start the conversation with them on their preferred channel. For those you’ll be charged - $0.05 - for each initiated conversation. 

There is also session messaging cost for WhatsApp - $0.005 

 *You’ll be charged for outbound/inbound messages during the WhatsApp messaging sessions. Charges will be reflected on your balance once every 24 hour and will be deducted from your balance.

Messaging sessions in Messenger, Telegram, Instagram and Website are free of charge.

Search & Filters; 

It’s possible to Search Leads by name of customer, phone number and other matching information from the Leads Dashboard. Also filters available to group or categorize Leads by dates and types.


Both Active and Completed leads will remain on your platform forever unless you delete them. Botbox will not charge you for Cloud Media Storage. 

You can export Leads to a CSV file and download by selecting them and clicking the Export Leads button from the top right button.

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