Real Time Reporting

Botbox dashboard is a comprehensive monitoring tool that shows you real-time and historical data.
Rustam Samad
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Who can use this feature?

By default, only Admins/Owners are allowed to to see real time and historical data about the activities across different channels. 

Date ranges and real time data; 

It’s possible to review and export reports for the following periods; 

  • Month-to-day
  • Last 7 days 
  • Last 15 days
  • Last 30 days 
  • All time 

Admin/Owner can review real time number of Customers, number of received Leads, number of Agents and duration of Conversations with customers. It’s possible to go to the mentioned modules directly from Dashboard by clicking on the View All link under each one. 


Admin/Owner can see real time and historical data for Leads in Dashboard. By choosing the date ranges it’s possible to filter and see the numbers for; 

  • Total Leads 
  • Completed Leads
  • Uncompleted Leads 
  • Leads by Channel 
  • Trending Leads* 

*Trending Leads represent Leads that have been categorised according to Product or Service description. It’s useful for businesses that use Botbox Chatbot Templates. 


To better understand your Agents performance in Botbox platform we’re ranking them according to following criteria; 

  • Number of successfully Completed Conversations by Agent
  • Number of successfully Completed Leads by Agent 

It’s also possible to review the total number of conversations by channel for the selected range of date.

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