Automate insurance service workflows easily

Botbox is the future of customer service, where you can centralize conversations with your customers and contact information across all their favorite messaging apps

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Botbox Pro is the best way to improve sales and service over digital channels with a single, simple platform

Plus you can manage all requests from Website, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram without switching between different interfaces!

Analyze agent activity. Monitor your customer support fidelity

Get the inside scoop on how your customers are responding to you. See insights into what's going right or wrong in terms of agent activity and satisfaction levels with their experience overall

Capture leads 7/24

Insurance chatbots on all channels will capture and send leads to Botbox where you'll be able connect with them easily.

Integrate through Botbox API

Send simple or complex messages to your CRM or deliver personalized experience with Botbox’s powerful API. It's easy, just connect the dots!

Bring team together

With the ability to chat with team members, resolve customer inquiries and communicate more effectively from anywhere in just seconds - how will you not be able put your customers first? Send files securely stored on our cloud storage for easy access at any time!

Create channels

To make decisions and move work forward, bring the right people together in channels. Share ideas with other decision-makers for a successful outcome!

Unlimited and free

Freedom is something we all deserve.
You'll not be charged for team or agent seats. As well as for messages and media sending.

Change the way you communicate to customers

Pay for only what you really use
Create canned response templates
Compare agents' performance and activity
Get leads 24/7 and respond from the same place
Connect all channels easily
Add tags and notes to customers

An all-in-one omnichannel insurance chatbot

Take your marketing efforts to the next level by automating responses and collecting leads 7/24 through the most popular messaging apps.
We take care to ensure that no matter which channel your customers are using, they get an awesome and consistent user experience.
Provide customers with a seamless experience through omnichannel automation . Take their needs into account from start-to finish, so they never have an issue or question regarding what you're offering!
Chatbots make it easier to deal with leads, because they group them according to your offers before sending them over. You'll be able act on each message faster than ever!