What does the WhatsApp chatbot do?

All you should know about the recent WhatsApp chatbot integrations by Botbox
Elmir Aliyev
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A question that sparks our minds might also scare humanities’ lovers. Before we go into the WhatsApp chatbot, let’s make clear one thing — chatbot is not a technology that comes from space, has big eyes, green skin color, or looks just like a Stig from the “Top Gear”.

A chatbot is a technology tool that can be used according to business needs. In most cases, it whether replaces a very routine job done by humans and gives us a better, time-saving, long-term solutions or…it just reflects on requests that matter. No matter how far technology went, a chatbot is still a technology designed by humans to serve humans. That’s very important to remember.

To be fair with every reader, answer to the title of this article should not last more than a single sentence. We admit it. But let’s us take you to this journey and taste this experience together with the behavior we admire. Answering a question is the most easiest thing to do, but we help businesses to ask a right questions.

Humans serve humans. Then what the heck chatbots do?

Quite a silly question, just like asking what the difference between Volvo and Mercedes-Benz if both held on 4 wheels. We can say the difference between the brands, but in fact, it diverges also by vision, values, and behavior. Would be quite dishonest to blame technology for the bad product at the end of the day.

Basically saying, when not all humans been replaced by Ai and hardware machines, we, humans are still in the game and we are honored to make technologies to the battle between each other by differentiating them with our own inputs.

While all can scream about the technology itself, reasonably would be say that at Botbox we do prioritize client’s questions above technology, but at the same time, our answers never made us sacrifice technology.

Since we got this chance, an experienced small team called Botbox is giving proper digital solutions to its clients by using a various amount of technologies — this time we chose a WhatsApp chatbot to talk about.

What’s special about a bot designed by Botbox? A behavior.

About WhatsApp chatbot. Concrete.

Imagine an average banking website and the fact that the majority of people are using mobile devices to browse internet links. Let’s add to this soup of combination of not mobile-friendly websites and incorrect methods of content placement, a fact that WhatsApp counts +1,6 billion users.

A secret ingredient to make this soup tastes better called — WhatsApp chatbot.

Different from any digital tool, like really any (for the God’s sake, at some points even the mobile apps too), the chatbot helps to transfer already existed information via channels that:

a) used on a daily basis
b) has a 98% open rate
c) without misleads

Additionally, different from the website & mobile app, chatbot tells you (to business) where the gap between the content delivery and user lost happens.

Exceptions do not stop as chatbot takes the stage with another advantage as responding to customer’s ongoing live questions/requests.

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Customer asking a bank about nearby ATM by sharing his/her location

Once we have already discussed why a lot depends on the bot designer too, here comes another example. Instead of translating directly, we converted the real customer needs into the WhatsApp chatbot. No one is going to install a mobile app just to learn about some information. Specifically when you are disabled from this kind of action by not being a customer of the bank, while WhatsApp chatbot serves all people.

WhatsApp chatbot reacts to your requests as fast as your best friend sends you “haha” to the memes sent by you. It makes the link clickable, the history of the conversation is being saved, and… it's just like with your friends. And yeah, no horrible things like “you are the 6th on the line, please wait a bit”, we don’t get the luggage of problems from the offline world.

Dashboard management.

Let’s start with basics; questions you might ask:

“What’s that fancy wide-looked screen does? Shouldn’t I just see customers via the phone by using a WhatsApp?”

The dashboard gives the “Live agent” opportunity as well as a well-designed chance for agents to react immediately when things need to be changed quickly. Who knows, maybe real-time marketing will evolve into the messengers and become the strongest weapon that social media ever had.

Very important also to tell that dashboard gives ongoing statistics, helps you to separate a conversation from the request, collect unanswered questions to develop the bot, and have a clear picture of what is going on. Unlike websites and apps that provide you limited information.

How do I create a WhatsApp chatbot?

While all ingredients are known, yet we are still being surprised how chief in the restaurant nearby makes the dish tastes better. For this and other reasons, we are inviting you to our kitchen that placed on to make the WhatsApp chatbot you would love to have.

Since we are not finalizing our services by just selling the product, we are ensuring you approach even if you have got a question — we are here to live the experience and make the best out of it. Your request is our opportunity.

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P.S: If you’ve got an additional time and went curious who the hell is Stig, just know that it was a ghost hero of the “Top Gear” TV show where the famous leading trio made the best auto-show in the World. Yet, after the clash between the producer from BBC and Jeremy Clarkson (one of the legend trio), a trio left and established its own Amazon auto-show called “The Grand Tour”. Stig personage stayed in “Top Gear”, still drives car at its best, but he is not the same anymore — a behavior matters.

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