You should not be hiring a bot and here is why

We might always question a power of technology and here is why we do it
Elmir Aliyev
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If we type in a google search word “chat-bot”, we’ll definitely come across an endless amount of websites about chat-bot services including advertisements.

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Google search results for the keyword “chat-bot”

They all are telling how great is their offer but hiding something that needs to be clarified; why chat-bot won’t be a solution for some of the businesses.
Let’s start.

Chat-bot is not a solution.

That’s quite elemental, but we have to count it too. When the business is being managed in a slushy way and sales are depending on an alcove where others already invest, the less reasonable thing is to sell the chat-bot services for them.

Because chat-bot is not a one and single solution, but technology which needs understanding and vision to use it in demanding ways. Otherwise, it might end up with disappointment for both chat-bot providers and clients too. While clients will be crying on low sales, the first ones will be also disappointed with the feedback received.

Very diverse.

Indeed, chat-bots offerings are very diverse and I’m not sure if anyone can name the known leaders. Well, we know there is IBM Watson, Intercom…emm, some other cool and known names, but its yet quite limited. The chat-bot’s cake is huge and I assume if it would a real cake, that would look like the picture below:

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The meaning behind the picture follows next; the direction and properties are not defined and aren’t fixed. This shows a still huge potential in the chat-bot industry, but at the same time, it shows the inaccuracy in the product definition. You really need to take time, test, and choose one fitting your interests.

Invest in technology.

Being a client of chat-bot provider, first of all, means your responsibility and investment in the technology you are going to use in your business interests. As a client, you are definitely not obliged for that responsibility and no one is going place that on your shoulders. But requests you might have better include a right-set behavior.

Specifically, the ones who service the customized bots, prefer to work with businesses who dare what they do. Chat-bot naturally is not a thing you sell and leave a client forever, mostly. That’s really a case when irrational behavior of one can stop all the business relations, so it’s better to obtain proper patience.

Bot exist, but not used.

Honestly, I might agree it can be a rare case. Yet it has a place for existence. Bot exist, but not used; what’s the problem? A client is going to say chat-bot provider sucks, at gunpoint, he is right. Cause customer is always right.

The main reason is not defining whose fault is that, but what are the key elements making bot suck. And development is the playground for all those elements.

The development includes next important topics;

a) communication flow; to keep updated

A chat-bot might be seeming quite boring for the user if it won’t be updated quite often until we talk about direct communication with huge leads which proves the concept.

b) insights-driven communication;

Are we analyzing the forecast of sales or unsuccessful conversational attempts? Does chat-bot cover the gap or just deliver fixed automate messages with zero care of another side?

With no doubt, those are crucial.

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c) marketing sparks

You can congratulate anybody with an awesome bot, but let your marketing individuals obtain the mindset of being switched from “We’ve got a bot, now I’m free” to the “How can we help the bot?”.

Even though it is a bot, it would be nice to remember that this is still technology designed by humans to serve other humans.

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