Messenger & Instagram: how technology marriage looks like?

Facebook announced that they are rolling out new functionality that allows users on Instagram and Messenger to chat with each other within the single app.
Elmir Aliyev
12 min to read

Imagine an app with 1 billion users integrates with another app that also counts 1 billion users. Isn’t that sounds, let’s say…big? Indeed, it is.

Facebook announced that they are rolling out new functionality that allows users on Instagram and Messenger to chat with each other within the single app. But what that all means in action? Let’s check all the features that expecting customers that decided to merge both Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Borderless

That first of all means borderless communication meaning that Instagram users will be able to chat Messenger users even if the first one doesn't have a Facebook account. From one side, that goes a bit far from the Facebook tradition trying to bring everyone first of all to Facebook’s platform and then to distribute across its products (Instagram, WhatsApp and etc.) based on their personal or business needs.

On another hand, it's clear that Instagram is much more popular across generation Z and such kind of integration is an exclusive add-on to keep people not only there where they create, but also talk.

2. Better communication on Instagram

With this merge, Instagram becomes more conversational. For instance, now you will be able to respond to a specific message on Instagram just like you used to do on Messenger. Additionally, it also enables forwarding functions (goodbye screenshots?!) between the accounts.

Facebook also shared that on a daily basis around 10 million people are changing the chat color on Messenger, and…you guessed right — Facebook brings customizing color function to the Instagram inbox as well

3. Watch. Vanish. Forget. :)

Seems like this merging has nothing to do specifically with Messenger, but priorities only Instagram, basically saying — taking the best out of Messenger.

Now on Instagram you can use Facebook’s “Watch Together” function even without having a Facebook account. New updates also bring function that Facebook calls vanish, meaning that a user can customize it in a way to make messages deleted after it has been seen or beforehand schemed time period passed. Messages now can disappear just like it is on Snapchat.

4. Privacy & Safety

The latest upgrades also bring an opportunity to report a threat or any kind of unseemly chat by reporting the whole conversation. This function should speed up the job of the customer support team that going through every reported incident.

Also very important to mention that this merge doesn’t mean all users are going to be placed on a saucer in order to be easily found for anyone typing our name/nickname in the search box. Facebook grants us an easy-friendly mobile interface wherein the privacy section any user can modify where he or she prefers to receive messages and etc.

5. Chatbot & Business

While above we kept talking about users' perspective, it’s not possible to deny a fantastic opportunity for businesses to grow faster and make sales online. As Botbox, we already see benefits from this merge and started to prepare (actually we were prepared for this news a few months ago already) for this merge with our best digital weapons.

Ideally, every business now is able to reach a customer from another platform, talk, and make sales out of it. We know the excitement that can be raised among our current and future clients, thus we will notify our subscribers with the fresh updates on this merge soon. Don’t miss news and sign up :)

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