Does chatbot replaces the mobile app? Chatbots vs Mobile Apps

Chat-bot or mobile apps?
Elmir Aliyev
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As the Botbox, since we have already made several chatbots, we thought it would be nice to question ourselves what is a chatbot? What it is addressing? How chatbot solves operational questions? Does chatbot solve it in general? What is the unique point in chatbot itself? Does chatbot really replace mobile apps? What’s the advantage of the chatbot vs mobile apps? And if yes, then how? Let’s start!

Once I’ve made one thing clear for myself;if I’m not able to explain anything, God forbid, even the “Tik-Tok” like thing to my parents, then I’m quite sucked in what I do. Believe me, once you could deliver it to them, you can rely on what you do confidently.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot with its naming little bit scares people being far from the technology and attracts others. At some point, it looks like science where each scientist has its own vision, thoughts, and meaning behind the word “chatbot”. So the chatbot thing as anything else is not a “done type” of things, thus there are plenty amount of chatbots, each deciding to address concrete or several markets.

While all these separations do happen, the initial idea as of chatbot technology contribution is to address today’s and potentially tomorrow’s business needs. Very important to mention that by saying “business needs” it never stops in a place where big guys with fat wallets are sitting up, but it сoncerns us all. Each and every individual.

I know it still might look unclear, but chatbot basically replaces your physical communication with the businesses. It’s easy and convenient for people to talk to businesses where they usually chat.

Chatbot vs Mobile Apps.

Does it mean applications are dead? Quite absurd would be to say yes. Well, until you are not a click-bait type of e-newspaper. Apps are living and will be still living the best of their lives for a quite long time.

Now a question sparks our mind; why chatbots? What’s the difference between them?

I’d probably go with two main options, while the answer might include way more.

Businesses usually prefer whether to keep investing in the new technology by reserving a safe life spot of tomorrow and those who are interested in finding smart business solutions for today. And yes, chatbot response both of them. Because it’s a chatbot 🙂

Beforehand want to ensure it’s not going to be a battle with defining an absolute winner and looser. At the “Chatbots vs Mobile Apps” question, I prefer to look from both business and users’ perspectives.

Business perspective in “Chatbots vs Mobile Apps”

Do apps needed nowadays? Definitely yes.
Apps development are expensive? Yes.
Apps are crashing? Well, it happens.
Apps need strong IT support? Yes.
Do apps need to be installed? Yes.
Apps are easily editable? No.

Chatbots development is expensive? Not really.
Chatbots need strong IT support? Not really.
Do the chatbots needed nowadays? Yes.
Do chatbots need to be installed? Nope.
Chatbots are easily editable? I’d say yes.
Chatbots are crashing? Might happen.

User’s perspective “Chatbots vs Mobile Apps”

Chatbots are difficult to understand? No.
Chatbots are widespread? No.
Do chatbots need to be installed? No.
Chatbots are accessible from the Desktop too? Yes.
Chatbots are accessible from the website? Yes.

Apps are difficult to understand? Not really.
Apps are widespread? Yes.
Do apps need to be installed? Yes.
Apps are accessible from the Desktop too? Not all of them.
Apps are accessible from the website? Nope.

As mentioned above, saying what’s the best or worst wasn’t the idea. This flow just helped me to understand that difference between the chatbot and application is in the difference of the technology itself. The way how we adapted applications to ourselves brought us to the chatbot, otherwise, that technology would never exist.

                        Finalizing the line, applications are still must, while a chatbot upgrading itself and becoming stronger.

We have understood that both mobile apps & chatbots are strong players. But what kind of unique advantage does chatbot take in “chatbot vs mobile apps” battle?

Chatbot sees the customer’s need and filling the gap quickly. Adjusting and editing a chatbot for your business needs is a possible thing to do even within a day, while with the app development it might take a decade.

                                                    Another winning point for a chatbot is communication. Chatbot talks.

Whether it supported by AI or there was already programmed approximate communication flow, it still talks to the customer. That’s very important.

Businesses basically can see what kind of questions are being unanswered and it helps them to customize the bot. True, it can lead the business to endless customization, but with the help of the right minds that should not happen in a chaotic way.

Chatbots are more emotional in terms of understanding where did users quit by followed clarification “why did that happen?”, while apps are very much fixed in a communicational flow and do provide a just number of downloads + ratings on Apple/Google stores.

Emotions. Love. Attention.

We can argue on that, but messages are a sign of attention to us. For some maybe even a place where they keep their love by ignoring the physical distance and every message owns emotions.

It’s very important for businesses to not lose the customer’s trust and be there where customers are. Type, chat, stay updated.

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