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Engage users using automation. Set triggers by analyzing behaviours

The visual builder you’ll love in a second

Create your bot with ease by moving customizable elements over the scenario. Drag and drop responses and actions to compose the best conversational experience.

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Every channel for your customers, one central platform for your business

Every message, across every channel, is aggregated in Inbox, while your customer enjoys the flexibility to use their preferred channels..

Agent & Ticket management

Manage all tickets and leverage custom settings to optimize your agent workflow for the best support experiences. View the status and chat content for every interaction between an agent and a customer.

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Improve Customer Acquisition

Botbox enables financial institutions to acquire more leads and increase online conversions. With our help, Banks are able to identify high-value website visitors, react to instant communication requests via live chat or audio & video calls.

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Trigger base solutions

Give customers a conversational experience they'll remember—and come back for.

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Our Features

Serve customers at every step of their journey

With Botbox’s contact center platform, you can use code to centralize your customers’ purchases, conversations, and contact information. Deliver support that’s grounded in your customers’ history with your business and their preferences.

Address common customer needs using chatbots

Direct chatbots to answer common customer questions, or complete high-demand processes like booking flights, qualifying sales leads, or scheduling appointments. Using chatbots, you can be there for your customer 24/7.

Analyze agent activity Monitor your customer support fidelity

Use dashboards to give agents visibility into their performance. Allow supervisors to monitor agents’ performance and provide coaching. Customer interactions span a diverse set of channels. Botbox lets you monitor the fidelity of calls and texts.

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