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Botbox Live Chat is an all-in-one business messenger that teams use to talk to customers across Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Website
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Who can use this feature?

By default, only Agents can respond to requests from customers through Live Chat across all channels. Owners/Admins are able to review all incoming requests and Active/Archived conversations and are able to respond to them by turning on Accept Chat.  Owners/Admins can assign Agent roles to any member or to themselves by managing user permissions under the Settings menu. 

Accepting Live Chat requests; 

Agents will be able to accept Live Chat requests from customers while they are online and the Accept Chat feature is turned on. By default this feature is turned on but can be turned off by clicking on a profile picture from the top right. 

Queue logic; 

Botbox Live chat feature works with basic 1-after-1 automatic queue logic. It means every Live Chat request will be transferred to the next available Agent and all requests will be divided among them equally. 

It’s also possible to replace 1-after1 automatic logic with Choose and Assign logic from the Live Chat Features section under the Settings menu. 


When a new request will be received Agents will see a notification dot with number of current customer requests next to the Live Chat section on the left navigation bar.

New message notifications from customers will appear on the conversation button in the middle navigation section next to the customer’s name. These notifications are dynamic and will be updated as new/unread messages will be sent.


To start chatting with customers, agents need to click on the request box from the middle navigation section.Customer will receive a notification on their end that Agent (Name/Surname) has joined the conversation.

Agents are able to receive/send media to customers with End-to-End encrypted messaging features. Customers are also able to send Voice Messages 

Agents are not able to edit/delete messages that they have shared with customers during a conversation. Canned responses can be shared with customers during the conversation. They can be created from the Settings menu under the Canned Response section or right from the during the conversation by just pressing the + button next to the shared message.

Customer profile; 

Agents are able to see Customer Information from the left slide bar that includes; 

  • Name/Surname 
  • Email address if any 
  • Phone number 
  • Tags or Notes 
  • Leads received from customer 

It’s possible to add tags and notes to customer’ profile during the conversation. And also Agents are able to complete a Lead if chat has been started from the Leads section. 

Transfer conversation; 

Agents are able to Transfer any conversation to another team member by clicking on the Transfer Conversation button under the User Profile section. It’s possible to choose an Agent who is currently online after clicking the button. Customers will be notified that conversation has been transferred to another representative.

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